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dans Vancouver
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1 avis
allison s.
2023, Septembre 19
Steer clear. We received misguided advice and my ex and I are now responsible for paying, years after our separation, for close to $10,000. Her response was very much a "Oh well, sucks to be you" kind of response with no apology or offer to rectify the situation. Save yourself the grief and look elsewhere.
honest r.
2023, Août 11
They convinced my friend to replace his 1year-old furnace with a heat pump, promising a full rebate($17500 gvmt total rebate plus group rebate$500) if he did it before the end of March. The owner rushed him to make decision quickly because installing in April would mean a $2,000 reduction in the rebate amount. So my friend decided to get the heat pump installed in March, spending $17,500 along with a $500 inspection fee to the company. Installation was done by March. My friend tried to follow
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Kaleigh M.
2023, Août 10
Pretty new and good quality camping gears. Accommodating staff. Will come back again for sure!
Ethan L.
2023, Août 1
Their lion dance performances in Vancouver are top-notch. Also saw them doing kung fu demos and dragon dance, very impressive. Everyone in the club seems to be very well trained and also having a lot of fun while performing. All in all, one of the best martial arts clubs in Vancouver teaching traditional kung fu.
Sardar B.
2023, Juillet 23
I used (Vancrown) to replacement our fence . The (Vancrown) team did a great job. They showed up on time, worked hard, cleaned up, and completed the projects quickly and as scheduled. I would definitely recommend Vancrown.
Christine C.
2023, Juillet 11
IntegrityCo is a game-changer for driving revenue growth through AI! Our experience with them was absolutely mind-blowing. They unleashed a wave of innovative ideas, assessed their impact, and crafted tailored solutions that exceeded our wildest expectations! From the get-go, IntegrityCo understood our business goals inside out. They dove deep into our operations, pinpointing AI opportunities that would skyrocket our revenue. Their expertise in cutting-edge AI tech was impressive, making us confident
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1 avis
Tiora d.
2023, Juillet 8
I’m not happy with my family doctor because everytime ,I makes a appointment for phone call I don’t get a call. Secondly June 30 I had made online appointment I was sitting 2 hours. Again I made on July 7 I have to wait a hour but receptionist didn’t put me in . I was getting late for my other appointment . She was telling me to go and back for my appointment as if I’m normal person . I had ankle surgery I’m still struggling with my ankle pain but my question is why taking too much people if u guys
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1 avis
wayne s.
2023, Juillet 4
If you are looking for a vehicle or Thinking about getting one...then you should read this. I went to 6 different dealerships. My Credit is not Good. A couple places were just rude and made me feel bad about my situation, others were judgemental or only trying to sell me something they knew i couldn't afford. I lost hope and figured i would just buy a beater for 1000 bucks. I was sad and depressed. I was looking on facebook at cheap cars i came across a listing with a Picture of my dream truck
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Jonas M.
2023, Juin 22
Thaddeus Howard is very professional and highly recommended, we’re so pleased with our Condo purchase.
1 avis
Jean B.
2023, Juin 16
This store is for real. Use coupon code "MINUS40DOLLARS" for $40,00 off + free shipping. Also great customer service. I only buy here from now.
1 avis
George S.
2023, Peut 23
I presented Mr. Ankeny with a very difficult challenge, I needed a visa to travel to my daughter´s wedding and had only 15 days to get it. Upon speaking to him I immediately felt a sense of relief and assurance, I said to myself, "This gentleman knows his trade". In effect, he assisted me in filling out the required documentation and he got me the visa interview on time. He provided valuable and knowledgeable assistance which resulted in the issuance of the visa within the time frame which in turn
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3 avis
Campfire B.
2023, Mars 24
Marco is a guru of insight. His life informs his art and style of work. He is able to anticipate my needs and offer suggestions when I ask. His support is realized in such a way that it gives me confidence in how I express myself. BTW, right now, as I write this, I am in Alice Springs in Australia, with local folks telling me my hair looks great. That is a world class endorsement for Marco. Best to you Marco! See you soon! If you see our friend Derek, please let him know I hope to hear from him
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