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1 avis
George S.
2023, Peut 23
I presented Mr. Ankeny with a very difficult challenge, I needed a visa to travel to my daughter´s wedding and had only 15 days to get it. Upon speaking to him I immediately felt a sense of relief and assurance, I said to myself, "This gentleman knows his trade". In effect, he assisted me in filling out the required documentation and he got me the visa interview on time. He provided valuable and knowledgeable assistance which resulted in the issuance of the visa within the time frame which in turn
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3 avis
Campfire B.
2023, Mars 24
Marco is a guru of insight. His life informs his art and style of work. He is able to anticipate my needs and offer suggestions when I ask. His support is realized in such a way that it gives me confidence in how I express myself. BTW, right now, as I write this, I am in Alice Springs in Australia, with local folks telling me my hair looks great. That is a world class endorsement for Marco. Best to you Marco! See you soon! If you see our friend Derek, please let him know I hope to hear from him
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2 avis
2023, Février 15
When I met Adi she was first in a handful of excellent recommendations, from the most trusted person in my family circle. Adi was also first to return my call, later on that same day. Adi stands out because she distills my complex situation down into manageable tasks and decisions for me. I feel informed of progressions, options and possible outcomes, and have been impressed by her candour and tenacity. Jurisdictional issues define the context of my personal situation, and Adi has gone
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Nancy R.
2023, Février 7
Nicole is an extremely adept professional. She has excellent skills in the area of Aphasia, swallowing and children with Autism. She is also skilled in the area of phonology. Nancy Renfroe, MA CCC Sp/L
Andrew J.
2023, Janvier 28
Amazing team! Super smart, practical, and kind. A rare combination.
2023, Janvier 16
Nikky is such a gift to the mother world! Her services are top notch. She made it so easy to get what I wanted done! She is knowledgable and real, she allowed space for questions and concerns, and I was so incredibly happy with the turn out. Not only did I get great professional service, but I gained a supportive mom friend! Thanks Nikky! I will definitely be recommending you! And the placenta art is so beautiful!
1 avis
Colette M.
2023, Janvier 14
I have been referring clients to Elana for several years because of her expertise in working with individuals and couples. She has selected a team of exceptional therapists at Open Space Counselling and I have received positive feedback from clients who have seen a number of their extremely experienced therapists. They have developed a strong reputation in the community and their clinic space is absolutely beautiful!
1 avis
2023, Janvier 1
As someone who got her visa with the help of this group, I am satisfied with their service.
2022, Décembre 28
This clinic has zero respect for its patients. I booked an appointment for the PNOE assessment for the last week of December. The day before they cancelled because Dr. Duzier decided he didn’t wanna work. I tried to explain I could not do it next year and asked for another Dr. There to do this assessment, but they did not accommodate this need, even though it was because Dr. Duzier decided not to work. Do a favour to yourself, don’t waste time and money with this clinic. They have zero respect.
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1 avis
Calum R.
2022, Décembre 23
This piece makes me want to lose my lunch. I don't appreciate this at all . It looks like some statue celebrating NAMBLA. Please get this filth off our beautiful walkway.
1 avis
Wilma T.
2022, Décembre 19
Im so thankful for choosing a rewarding career, it change me to be a better person.Doing the studies in Drake Medox College-Surrey Campus is such a priviledge,staff and teachers took good care of me,thank you... Life becomes more meaningful and worth living in the service for other people who needed it the most.And Drake Medox College made this happen in my life...
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