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dans Ottawa
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1 avis
2023, Septembre 6
Severe Negligence and Inadequate Medical Care. Avoid at all costs, even if that means using walk in clinics. I'm compelled to leave this review in utter disbelief and disappointment regarding my experiences at Byward Family Health Clinic. My encounters with the medical providers here have been nothing short of a nightmare, characterized by extreme negligence and an outright lack of professionalism. This clinic has failed miserably in delivering even the most basic standards of care, treatment
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Annette L.
2023, Août 16
Getting older my eyebrows were thinning and turning gray..I would fill them in with a eyebrow pencil..I had been recommended to a stylist that did microblading and had this technique done and was pleased but this lady was moving away... when I was at my hair stylist we got taking about eyebrows and a lady there was telling us she goes to Tessa at Pure Beauty Studio and how much she loved the work she does..well the rest is history I got an appointment with Tessa and was very impressed with the
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1 avis
Theresa D.
2023, Août 14
Service was great - quick and easy. Technician was professional, knowledgeable and nice. Highly recommend.
1 avis
Sean N.
2023, Juillet 29
F N Auto sales I purchase a vehicle from FN auto sales , the car was cleaned rustproof certified excellent service was impress with this vehicle had it for 3 mounts problem free Curios and polite salesman I was a pleasure to do business with company ,keep up the amazing service 10 out of 10
2023, Juillet 25
Terrible customer service shoddy building a special shout out to Sarah in customer service who is the definition of not helpful
1 avis
Todd S.
2023, Juillet 20
Professional and friendly. MG Driving School answered all questions gave helpful tips. They arrived on time with a smile. Much appreciated!! Thanks Todd
1 avis
Karen H.
2023, Juillet 6
Excellent service and a lovely job on a pair of hands that haven’t had a manicure in years. Acrylic replacement of my non-existent thumb nail will be great for the weekend! Very pleased with the results! These pictures are from six days later! I have 9 real nails and the one acrylic they did. I’ve never had a manicure last this long!!
2023, Juillet 5
What ever you do, do not count on these people to have your best health interests in mind. They do not give a flying fahooty. Was called on 16 Jun 23 to schedule an appointment from a requisition that was a year old. Woman on the phone told me it miraculously appeared out of nowhere. Made an appointment at 3 pm on the 5th of Jul 23. Leave work two hours early to race there to be on time and they have no appointment booked for me, but they have my year old requisition in hand still. You would
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1 avis
Maitreeben P.
2023, Juin 26
I recently utilized Votiko's exceptional call center services for my company, and the results were outstanding! With their professional and dedicated team, we experienced a significant boost in our sales and customer retention rates. Votiko's representatives were highly skilled in building rapport with our customers, effectively addressing their concerns, and converting leads into loyal clients. Their commitment to excellence and attention to detail truly made a difference in our business growth
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1 avis
Stephanie B.
2023, Juin 13
Dr. Alami helped me through one of the most challenging chapters and gave me my life back. After suffering for the past year with a number of debilitating issues, and having seen several doctors and specialists, Dr. Alami zeroed in on the reason I was suffering, right away with hesitation. I followed his suggested course of action and immediately saw significant improvements. He treated me over the past few months with additional healing rituals and very helpful advice, that also helped tremendously
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2023, Peut 29
dam dam dam thsi school gooddddd
1 avis
2023, Peut 28
Worst doctor I’ve ever had. Extremely unprofessional and irresponsible. Diagnosed me with shingles when I had eczema, put me in a state of worry for days, while I awaited the fax for my medications, which he said he’d send. He never sent it and ignored all my correspondence. I struggled alone and he knew I was in pain. Unethical.
1 avis
Marcel G.
2023, Peut 27
Please take the time to read this. Then decide for yourself if should stay away from this dealer (and other RV, car and motorcycle dealers that are owned by the Butler group) !!!!! In August of last year, my wife and I purchased a used Class A motorhome from Camp Town RV in Manotick Ontario. On the day, we took delivery, we noticed that the “frame mounted” propane tank was heavily corroded and showed signs of leaking at the fittings (green residue). From my past experience with RVs and with
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2 avis
2023, Peut 14
If you would like your ten dollars back just come by today I'll be here
1 avis
2023, Peut 11
I had a very pleasant experience with Chris. He gave me a very nice haircut and beard trim. He’s also a great conversationalist!
2 avis
Catherine B.
2023, Peut 6
1 avis
2023, Peut 2
Worst! $180 for interior detailing and this is what i get! So many spots not detailed well! I paid $120 for complete 2 years ago. I know, 2 years are far apart and so many things happened. But this? $180 for this kind of service? Not highly recommended! Rip-off!
1 avis
Bryan B.
2023, Avril 28
Glasses have massive glare! Staff is friendly but glasses are terrible. I was assured that my glasses would be anti-glare, however they have a distinct green filter and massive glare. It was so annoying I couldn't wear them and I returned the glasses. The owner claimed he sent them to the lab and they changed the lenses. However I saw no difference, still massive glare. The glasses were on sale, I guess you get what you pay for! I went back to the store for the 3rd time and asked staff to remove
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1 avis
2023, Avril 15
Advantages Pizza was good Disadvantages Owner is very rude, when asked time of delivery was it 30 min, or 60 etc. he ranted to me that since I was a frequent costomer I should not ask the question in a very rude tone. If he wants to loose customers...keep up the mood. Comment Stupid behavior for a business owner.
2 avis
Micheline P.
2023, Avril 11
Mario Naïm was the worst travel agent I ever have. First thing. Put my birthday on my husband ticket and mind on his. Thank god I had to cancel his ticket I wouldn’t have known. Secondly the house was registered to my husband no other name appeared. Took a while to get the house We were 10 going to this trip. Rented 2 cars with budget; should have been told to register to fast track. We would have saved each other 2 hours in line. Told me I had to get my package for Disney ticket in blocks of days
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2023, Avril 11
My friend told me he did a good job on his truck and with all the good reviews I thought it would be a walk in the park but I was wrong. I bought a Toyota TRD duel exhaust that replaces the single pipe exhaust on the tundra that was only 2 years old so it was in good shape. The guy who I got it from bent one side a little bit and when he removed it off the truck they could not get the bolts off so they cut the pipe. That’s why I came here, to get it welded back on and installed on my truck. I sent
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Mahalia B.
2023, Avril 9
Terrible pharmacy with terrible service. Call on Tuesday to give sufficient time for them to make-up order and EVERY SINGLE TIME, it’s never ready, they call 6x to ask questions regarding the exact same prescriptions every month and talk openly and loudly so, everyone else waiting (as there’s always people waiting) for their prescriptions can hear, no privacy. They often don’t have the medication on hand and don’t inform you so when you go to pick it up, you don’t have what you ordered days in advance
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Matt D.
2023, Avril 6
Very unreliable
1 avis
Louise S.
2023, Mars 22
While reading reviews I stumbled upon this cozy studio salon and I am so glad that I did.  Dani Laura is the definition of perfection when it comes to cutting and colouring. She is an 'All Things Hair" expert who really knows her stuff and truly loves what she does. I’ve been getting so many compliments as a result of her talent and skill. 5+ stars!! You won't be disappointed.
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