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Recent reviews
1 avis
Laura M.
2023, Décembre 3
These guys are awesome! We needed a gluten-free cake for our daughter in law’s birthday! This one was reasonably priced, beautifully decorated and delicious which for gluten-free is hard to find. They personalized her cake to my ecclectic specifications and just nailed it!
1 avis
Sergei L.
2023, Novembre 27
Hired to do rebuild a raised deck. Started promising, ended miserable. Simple project confidently promised to be done "well before June" barely dragged over finish line in Oct. Pros: * reasonably priced * would listen and try to accomplish (to certain success) what is asked for Cons: * unreliable and not trustworthy; won't hit a *single* date promised * horrible comms; when run out of all sorts of excuses for not showing up would just ignore calls/txts for days * but not shy to requests
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1 avis
Tina L.
2023, Novembre 14
I LOVE my Teddy.. This place of business wasn’t for me because I instantly felt sorry for the amount of dogs at Penryn Shidoodle.. I felt very uncomfortable.. However, when I saw my Teddy I instantly fell in love with him over the phone.. I was told I could have first pick of the litter on the phone with Laura while Teddy’s mom (Junior) was still pregnant.. Laura was nice enough to me through it all.. If I had known that there were many dogs involved with just this one business.. I would have chosen
Afficher plus
2023, Novembre 7
On the day of the assessment, the psychologist did not show up until an hour later as she had no idea we had an appointment. I am still waiting for the report almost 2 months later as the doctor keeps postponing our appointment. I would not recommend this company as they are very disorganized and do not produce documents in a timely manner.
Michael d.
2023, Novembre 3
If I could leave a zero star review, I would. Lots of promises and zero delivery. No thought about the customer or customer service whatsoever. Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had dealing with any business. Dropped my boat off for a stator and gasket replacement in March. Many promises and chasing him up to finally get the boat back 3 months later. First time on the water, 2-stroke oil everywhere because he broke the oil return hose connection and didn't do anything about it. Fixed
Afficher plus
2023, October 25
Dr Sadiqa khan s amazing and very kind person. This review is about her employee/husband who is incredibly rude angry mean unprofessional unkind unsympathetic and just a waste to talk to.
1 avis
2023, October 20
I would STRONGLY NOT RECOMMEND these people for your appliance service. I had a HARD TIME dealing with them. I approached them for one appliance repair (drainage issue) at the Halifax location. It was agreed to $89 for the diagnosis and discussed not to repair without asking the owner for further repair. Their technician came, and without asking the owner did the further repair and charged $180 (the price, which was almost half the cost of the appliance). The issue was just about the water drainage
Afficher plus
2023, Septembre 21
I had a very negative experience with this organization. We had a minor legal issue and requested information and a call back. We received neither - after numerous calls and empty promises of callbacks, we gave up and called a different firm - one where our questions were answered immediately and professionally - don’t waste your time - call somebody else!
Dave a.
2023, Septembre 20
Shawn and his crew did an amazing job on our roof! Professional and friendly and they left nothing for us to clean up! Thank you so much. We highly recommend 3GC!!
2023, Septembre 10
The owner is super friendly and she is an artist when it comes to making an old antique new again! Specializing in the shabby chic technique her pieces are one of a kind. Lots of other found treasures to be found too. Definitely a must stop location if in the area on a Sunday and certainly worth a drive if you aren’t. You won’t regret it.
1 avis
Linda R.
2023, Septembre 9
Dr Pirbhai is a very competent informative friendly surgeon! A - one experience starting with Dr Pirbhai his office staff. WCGH Day care centre , operating Room, and discharge from the day care area following my cataract surgeries. July and August 2023 . Stress totally gone with the aura of competency of all staff! This is what caring for patients is all about. Thankyou and Keep up the good work! Linda Rossi
1 avis
2023, Septembre 8
Excellent service even though she had some health issues but she was committed to all given appointments on time .Thank you Harpreet and her team for providing best service .
2023, Septembre 6
In my journey, I hired Nidhi with high hopes of emotional support and guidance during a nee time, as a first time mother. As a mother who experienced the loss of my first son, I had expected empathy and a genuine connection from my doula. Unfortunately, the experience didn't meet my expectations or any standard of human compassion. There were instances throughout my pregnancy where I felt my concerns were dismissed, and medical advice was disregarded; as I have proof of conversations. It's crucial
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Nandita M.
2023, Septembre 5
Not good. Be careful and think twice.. he used my situation and made money out of it..
2023, Septembre 2
Was my first time at the pool. Saved driving out to point descend or Sault north beaches. My gkids had a great time. Staff were really great. Would be a shame to lose any of these icons of our city. I don’t know of any other N. Ont city that offers this essential service esp on hot days. Kids learn the rules about being around water esp any newcomers where water safety isn’t essential . Should be promoted that way like library rentals of snowshoes and other passes
3 avis
Kennedy V.
2023, Août 29
I feel like 1 star is generous. They did my driveway last year. It’s impossible to get a hold of them (except for payment of course), didn’t finish the job, stamped area is crumbling at edges, sealing has already worn off… overall awful company to deal with.
1 avis
2023, Août 28
Great service.
1 avis
2023, Août 22
I had a great time mini putting with my grandson today! It's was so nice to see new carpet on the entire coarse! We will definitely be back!
2023, Août 21
Very unprofessional. If you dont do the extra, uneccessary, documents that only THEY want done and not only what you specifically asked for they drop you as a client. They were not even professional enough to do it to your face or at least verbally via the telephone, instead it was via an e-mail. At least I finally did received some communications without having to chase them down. Over the almost 4 weeks from initial contact I had to initiate the one phone call conducted and received 2 emails
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Lise C.
2023, Août 16
I went grocery shopping today and found some soup bones that I wanted to purchase but they were four to five inches long. I waited at the meat department for a good ten minutes to ask someone to please cut these bones in two. After waiting all this time, I finally asked an assistant from another department to check if someone was working in the meat department. A young man came out and I asked very politely to cut the bones in two but he quickly replied: NO, I don’t cut anything anymore, I am counting
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Line-X o.
2023, Août 16
There is a lot more to this. No “specific” deadlines were identified. This was a major build and anyone with any sense realizes that you can’t set a firm deadline and book an unfinished truck for events. Owner developed serious medical issues and was hospitalized. Truck owner was advised that this was going to delay things and recommended to find another shop to finish it. Still hasn’t paid his full bill either.
1 avis
2023, Août 11
I called to fix a filling, the receptionist told me that they will need to do a general overview and I can opt for a more expensive one so that they do not have to repeat it each time I need a filling. It was less than 400 dollars, so I said sure, if you can do it once why not. When arrived, I was not greeted but told that I am early (I was early by 15 min), I was not asked to wait or anything, so I just found myself a chair. Then the receptionist gave me a form to sign that I will pay 389 or 398
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Tammy W.
2023, Août 4
I know the one who started it all and she forever helped restore me in more ways than one. She worked miracles when others wouldn't. Highly recommend this place and follow the advice. Anyone who works there would be very good for the one who created the business wouldn't have it any other way. Friendly and kind service highly popular but worth the wait.
1 avis
Laura B.
2023, Août 2
Disgusted with their service can't complete a basic manicure. SEE ATTACHED PHOTO OF MY MOMS 'MANICURE' right after going here LOL. My mother went in for a mani/pedi appointment today for 5:30. When she got there they insisted it was 6pm, when it was not and my account on their booking site confirms this. They rushed her pedicure, my mom had to request for them to clean the cuticle area and give her the service shes paying for. Then her "manicure" if you even can call it that was a joke! They used
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Stephen B.
2023, Juillet 29
I agree with the review from harry potter
Joseph R.
2023, Juillet 27
Got a car from 401 Peterborough just wish it had 5 seats but otherwise it is great. Thanks Steffen and zen .
1 avis
2023, Juillet 24
I would like to give zero stars. Started off with late with delivery on a $12,000 dock system. Broken welds, so many missing parts which make the dock unusable, refuses to fix the problems and then refuses to refund any money to get someone else to fix it. Rude when I called, won’t answer or hangs up. Disgusting and shady business. Looking further into it, I see that this was previously called Docks By Design with a bad reputation and two social media accounts for Ontario Docks Ltd because one has
Afficher plus
2023, Juillet 22
I instructed Jenn to trim my hair. She chopped it all off. It was reshaped and layers were put in. Months of work destroyed. Not only does it look flat, it is impossible to style my hair the way I want to wear it. I have never cried over a haircut but I bawled over this one. My hair is shorter now then it was when I started my hair journey. Please listen to your clients. Just because you like the hair style does not mean the client will like it. Worse haircut I've ever had
1 avis
Hwy 1.
2023, Juillet 21
Have been trying to get our oil picked up since last November and cannot get Brian to call us back after several calls and email. After numerous calls and messages left, still no response.
2 avis
2023, Juillet 17
Internet stopped working a lot a lot meaning 5 days a week they never answer the phone was on hold with tech support for 5 hours no answer got a machine that said they are not available after 5 hours of being on hold they seem to never want to do their job when the Internet does work it acts like dial up but cost around 100$ THIS IS THE SHITTIEST INTERNET IN THE WORLD
1 avis
Gerald C.
2023, Juillet 12
Well, first of all, there was not one lawyer on this planet that would take my case (I know, because I literally contacted every lawyer I could find in the phone book then the internet to zero avail. In 1987, I asked a doctor who WAS my doctor a decade prior to this incident. I needed a basic routine physical exam for an air brakes endorsement so I could get my class "D" driver's license and subsequently, a job. I needed the physical exam done in less than a week so i could go 880 miles away to
Afficher plus
2023, Juillet 2
I don't think it's possible to be more frustrated with my service at Midas Collingwood. They did an exhaust exam and "quoted me" 3k to fix my muffler of my Volkswagen Jetta. I said that seems like a very large quote and they said they would call around and see if I could get cheaper parts. The "exhaust specialist" told me that he would call me on Monday (June 26) and never called... I called them, and the person who answered the phone told me they are "working on it" and seemed annoyed that I called
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5 avis
john t.
2023, Juin 29
I placed an order, and they told me they no longer had the product and refunded my money 3 days later; and then they raised the price of the product they said they did not have. I contacted the Better Business Bureau, and they contacted the firm, and after more than 30 days, there has been NO RESPONSE. Unreliable and unresponsive . . . good luck with any orders you may place.
1 avis
Brittany S.
2023, Juin 26
I would tread carefully booking this venue if at all!! We booked with SV Country Events in October 2022 for our June 2023 wedding. We only needed the property for a short amount of time - all day was not needed for our intimate wedding. So Vivian did special pricing for us. We thought, beautiful venue and affordable cost, perfect! We fully paid shortly after booking while we added more items/time a month before. 3 weeks before our big day, she calls and says that we cannot use the barn as an inspection
Afficher plus
2023, Juin 20
Going to AudiPro was the best thing I ever did. I love my hearing aids and can honestly say that they have enhanced my life. The service is exceptional, very professional, friendly and caring. Thank you AudiPro!
1 avis
2023, Juin 20
I hate your store and I like my dog
1 avis
2023, Juin 10
Poor experience as there was glass was found in my food. I was thankful my child, age 3, did not have the glass on her plate. It's not worth dining here as there's no ownership or a desire to keep customers as they turned a blind eye in dealing with this situation. Very arrogant.
1 avis
2023, Juin 6
Habitat Flooring provided us with the engineered hardwood flooring for our condominium renovation product. Mr. Faisal Hussain was very professional and helpful in assisting us with our choice of product and colour selection. He was also extremely friendly, patient, and informative, with excellent product knowledge, competitive pricing, and after-sales service. I would strongly recommend Habitat Flooring products and services, not only for their quality, but especially because of our interaction
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1 avis
Janet C.
2023, Juin 4
I am 70+ and knew I had to starting working on my muscle mass if i wanted to stay healthy and active. Enter Darren Bersuk of Bodies by Bersuk. I feel so fortunate to have stumbled across his website while looking for a trainer in Tecumseh. I have been working out with Darren twice a week for almost three months and it has been life changing. I have lost weight and gained energy and strength. Darren is calm in his instructions, watchful of my performance and patient with me at every turn. Our
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2023, Peut 28
Zero stars is our rating. We selected this company to install an inground pool in the summer of 2021. We dealt with owners and trusted them as we knew them personally. They promised it would be completed in the fall of 2021 or early spring 2022. They took a large deposit “to order the pool kit” and never started the project. Terrible customer service. We chased them non stop asking for updates on project start. They used every excuse possible (covid, supply chain, their kids’ schedules, personal
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1 avis
2023, Peut 26
It is very frustrating to be chasing company you paid your money to, to get them do their work. It is even more upsetting to watch your staircase is turning into ugly fixture.. We had District Stairs's owner's full attention only once, after i posted photos of defective railing parts online. 10 mins after review was posted our phone was ringing nonstop, 20 mins later mr Marlon B. was at our doorstep asking to take pics down. After he sent contractors to fix railing parts and misaligned pickets
Afficher plus
1 avis
Linda M.
2023, Peut 23
I had a wonderful shopping experience at just like new very picturesque in the heart of downtown Peterborough Ontario Canada I found a designer leather jacket recently I have been a regular customer for eight years and the owner knows fashion and has a wonderful sense of humour and makes you feel comfortable at her beautiful boutique
1 avis
2023, Peut 11
Love this place best shrimp basket ever , they are so friendly.
2023, Peut 9
Completely incompetent
1 avis
Therese G.
2023, Peut 5
Moves are never easy and are stressful, but North Country Movers made them efficiently and in a timely matter. We had to move twice in view of our major renovations; we needed to move out, have our content moved into storage for 8 months and then move back in. In both instances, North Country Movers showed up when schedule, were careful in moving our content and the crew was friendly and experienced.
Linden C.
2023, Peut 4
I am extremely impressed with Jason’s customer service, attention to detail, and fantastic rates. I purchased a new vehicle late on a Friday, he picked up the phone, and had insurance set by Monday. If you are in a time crunch and looking for the best rates, give Jason a call!
camy M.
2023, Peut 3
I was referred to Natasha approximately 2 years ago and it has been a great business relationship since. I had been dealing with someone else for many years but I was not pleased with their services. She is specific, follows through on everything, easy to work with and understands my business. She explains every detail to ensure you understand and has never let me down. I highly recommend Natasha Richardson CPA Professional for any of your accounting or finance needs. You will not be disappointed
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Bernadette J.
2023, Peut 2
Spencer from NestHawk Home Inspections exceeded our expectations. He was very professional, approachable, knowledgeable and thorough during the inspection of our future home. He was always ready to answer any questions we have had. We also received a prompt Home inspection report with photos and detailed notes. He was also very kind to communicate with us days after our meeting, when we needed more information or had a question. We definitely recommend Spencer and his company to all. Thank you
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1 avis
2023, Avril 26
If you need new glass or a eye exam you need to try optometrist on Broadway. The customer service is absolutely amazing you will not be disappointed!!! From the call to make my appointment to receiving my new glasses. They are so accommodating, friendly, helpful, very patient and kind. I had the pleasure of Dr. Pond looking after me and she was so thorough, kind, patient. The staff are so helpful and kind and always have a smile for you. They all went out of there way to make my experience absolutely
Afficher plus
Angela G.
2023, Avril 21
Josh, the owner is a great guy to work with. He came out to an existing site and solved the problem immediately. He knows his stuff and is up to speed on all of the building code requirements. He is a creative problem solver and a perfectionist. He can work within a timeline and budget. A true professional experience and nice guy. I own several properties and will work with him again. I would recommend Property Solution Niagara to anyone ! Thanks Josh :)
Bill B.
2023, Avril 20
A brilliant doctor with an amazing personality and a keen sense of humour. She has operated on my gums a few times and had me laughing all through the surgery, and a positive is that I had little to no pain! She is a unique professional!
2023, Avril 19
very nice people
Issac C.
2023, Avril 18
Unresponsive not professional. Does not understand how to send documents securely. Quite concerned if our information is actually safe. Backups are essentially non existent. We wanted to use someone within the community - a small business. Big mistake.
1 avis
Devon H.
2023, Avril 17
"My experience with KW Tree Barbers and their tree trimming services was exceptional. From the outset, Rob and his team were punctual, courteous, and knowledgeable about tree care. Their plan of action was clearly outlined, and they worked diligently to ensure the safety of my property and surrounding trees. After completing their work, the transformation of my property was stunning. The team's expert trimming and shaping of my trees left them looking beautiful and well-maintained. I highly recommend
Afficher plus
2023, Avril 3
Used this all gals team to do touch ups and a refresh thru our home. Highly recommend!
1 avis
Guy C.
2023, Avril 3
Service courtois et personnel. Livraison rapide et installation par des employés remarquablement attentionnés. Excellence à tous points de vue ! 5 ***** Sincèrement Merci
2023, Mars 24
Great service and fair prices, the guys did a great job getting my vehicle fixed up properly and quickly
2023, Mars 22
Nice experience. I would recommend lighthouse dental.
Tom C.
2023, Mars 22
Both my parents moved in in January 2022. My Mom loves it and my Dad did initially. Unfortunately, after 6 months Dad wasn't happy and his mood affected Mom and others. The staff did everything to help, but Dad's mind has been deteriorating and nothing will change that. Plus, Dad refused help or to ask for help, only making things worse. Dad has since moved out and Mom continues to enjoy the camaraderie of the other residents and staff. This is a small retirement home, but it offers more than many
Afficher plus
Michelle E.
2023, Mars 21
Absolutely amazing to use this company for bin rentals. Extremely easy, friendly and fast response!!!! Would a million % recommend to anyone!!!
1 avis
Linda G.
2023, Mars 21
HORRIFIC EXPERIENCE. I found this company to be neither professional or ethical. I made the grievous error of paying in full in cash before fully inspecting their work. They were careless beyond words. Paint spilt on screens, floors and windows. Very poor workmanship. Cut lines at ceiling amateurish at best, incomplete coverage where walls meet ceiling, paint drips on walls and door frames, wall paint on ceiling and the list goes on. They did come back to inspect when I called end of November
Afficher plus
2023, Mars 17
Terrible customer service. This store used to be so cute, and now it seems to be poorly run but a frazzled and rude older lady who has no patience to answer questions or sort out how to use my gift card. Like at all. Couldn’t be bothered
2023, Mars 17
I came into Master Mechanic to drop off my car to get a diagnostic done as it needed attention asap and I could not drive to my hometown car shop where I usually take it. I picked this shop because of their reviews so I was confident that I was going to receive great service. I asked the guy at the front desk how much a diagnostic would be and how much their hourly labour rate is. He informed me it would be 110$ plus tax to run the diagnostic which I found weird as to why a 30 min. diagnostic would
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2 avis
2023, Février 19
I don't think I had an experience quite like this! Having my negativity explode out of me as much as it did was powerful. The things these ladies do to make you feel happy, satisfied, leased and wanting you to cum again is just amazing. The women know how to keep things from staying and uncomfortable. I'd recommend having your time spent with them at least once a month. Try each girl until you've found the magical one. Xoxo I'll be heading back tonight.
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