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1 avis
Blair L.
2023, Peut 19
I would strongly recommend not using Paladin LLP to represent you. Overall poor service and wants to bill with limited work done on the file. Does not take the time to understand the context of the file. All parties were confused by correspondence sent by Bruce. Attention to detail is limited. Do not waste your money
2023, Mars 17
DO NOT BUY YOUR CAR HERE. Bought a vehicle from this supposedly reputable dealer Kevin who works here. After talking to him multiple times about what needs to be done to the car, never once did he tell me the whole body of the car needs to replaced. I understand if you buy a car AS IS that’s it but I was deceived and manipulated with messages like “I’ve driven the car daily” “I’ve looked at it underneath multiple times and so have my mechanic” “you can’t get it safetied? What do you mean? That’s
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Len R.
2023, Mars 11
This site shows inaccurate information and has no permission to show any information from me.
3 avis
janice j.
2023, Février 23
Illiannaval was really impressive with good perception and really appreciable!!!
1 avis
2023, Février 19
Would not recommend!
2 avis
Dale F.
2023, Février 16
Terrible place. The sales knows nothing about what they sell including price. The finance department doesn't find you the best price thats right for you they settle for first approval they recieve weather its good or not. They have a law that states 30 return policy they refuse that law so be sure you have money to fight them or that what you buy is what you want. They pressure sell and will complete everything in less than half a day. Management will talk with you until they find out its a complaint
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1 avis
Baylee c.
2023, Février 12
This is the worst extensions I have ever had from start to finish. First of all, she works out of her apartment , which would be fine except she cannot control her dog who was jumping on me, biting me, etc. at one point her dog grabbed a bunch of the hair I had purchased and was chewing on it. At no point did Jenay offer to wash that hair or even apologize, she just tried to put it on my head!!! Covered in dog saliva and half chewed! She laughed it off. If you are allergic to animals then be aware
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2023, Février 5
Chad went above beyond as a mediator. He is very easy to talk to and brings a very comfortable way of dealing with uncomfortable and emotionally difficult situations during the mediation process. Most importantly Chad brings an incredible amount of empathy for his clients and truly wants the best outcome for either parties. I highly recommend Chad as a mediator.
1 avis
2022, Décembre 20
Went in for my third time as my previous experience has been good, well not so much this time! Went in to pick up mine and my spouses glasses and see about getting new lenses put into my favourite frames! Was told no because they cannot guarantee them (previously was told they could), then when I said I wanted to use up me benefits the lady proceeded to tell me how I would have to pay up front, like I didn’t already know this, I just got done paying for the ones I picked up! She was very insulting
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1 avis
Awful e.
2022, Décembre 10
Awful experience i will nor recomend nobody they charge cash and pricely they ruin my hair owner looks nice at the beginer but is not is rude never again
1 avis
Lisa C.
2022, Décembre 10
A great surgeon goes through everything with you he has done both my hip replacement surgerys great staff they make you feel at ease and give you all information that needed
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