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dans Edmonton
Recent reviews
1 avis
John a.
2023, Peut 24
We’ve been storing our fifth wheel trailer with Alberta toy since January 2022. We bought it new and wanted to protect it. It’s a premium that we’re willing to pay for the security and protection of our investment. We’re very happy with the service and management. We highly recommend Alberta toy for anyone needing to store recreational or high valued vehicles.
Era D.
2023, Peut 19
BAD ATTITUDE AND VERY UNPROFESSIONAL DOCTOR. I went to the clinic today for a check up and Dr Alarape confronted me and gave me attitude because of my husband’s feedback from last year about the long wait time in his clinic everytime we had appointment. You can’t blame your patients if they get frustrated about the wait time in your clinic. If it only happen once or twice maybe we can understand it but if it happens on every appointment thats not acceptable anymore. You don't respect your client’s
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4 avis
2023, Avril 26
Amazing design landscape
1 avis
2023, Avril 18
No Stars Here. Husband was at home depot (westmount) when a tire was slashed in the parking lot. I called there service and they quoted me on the phone a RATE FROM WESTMOUNT TO CANADIAN TIRE AT KINGSWAY $110. When I told them we had a tire slashed in the parking lot he laughed at me.BOOKED THEM anyway AND THEY DID COME WITHIN 1/2 HR. We decided to take it to the ok tire 4 blocks away SO WHILE THE DRIVER WAS HOOKING UP ARE VEHICLE I CALLED THERE OFFICE BACK AS DRIVER SAID HE COULD NOT DO ANYTHING
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1 avis
2023, Avril 14
I recently ordered a wig for the first time from wigs etc and was so pleased to speak to the owner regarding questions I had about the wig I saw on the web site. She answered my questions by email and phone within minutes!! My wig arrived within four days and is exactly what I wanted!! This is my go to web site to order wigs! Reliable, prompt and accurate plus amazing friendly service!! Dianne is amazing!
2023, Avril 13
Just moved to the area and needed to arrange for some tests and procedures. Thought I would give them a try. Found support staff very nice, supportive and helpful. However the doctor I saw is another story. Found Dr. Fadel Eledrisi to be rude, demeaning and condescending. Talked to me like I was a idiot. Told me he could arrange everything but would not do any follow ups as I needed a family doctor, which is impossible to find in Edmonton, AB. Will never go there again.
1 avis
2023, Avril 1
Where should I start? I had the most horrible experience with this business, from not responding, to charging me for credit check, not providing answers after contacting them repeatedly, and when they do answer, it is very cold. Absolutely horrible customer service. They say what they don't do, and they do what they don't say. Finally, I paid them deposit, signed the application, get confirmation that I can go get the key. Went there, said come the next day. When I told them you are tossing me
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Carrielynn L.
2023, Mars 30
Dr. Hanna is amazing. From the first visit to now, he has been the best I have ever had, especially in getting back to me with test results and getting referrals for specialists. I am very grateful that he patiently listens to me and gives me time to ask for clarification on things I don't understand. He is very kind and professional and makes time to go through all my concerns regardless of how busy he is. The staff at Wolf Willow clinic are great too. They listen and are very helpful. They
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Qazi S.
2023, Mars 28
It was a wonderful experience of filing tax returns for 2022 for me and my family. The staff is very friendly, courteous. I am extremely satisfied by the exemplary display of professionalism and positive attitude. I will highly recommend you to visit and experience the services for filing your tax returns with CRA.
2 avis
Amber W.
2023, Mars 23
This company destroyed my fence in the process of building a duplex next door. Johnny said they'd have someone come take a look and fix it but nothing has happened for over a year. I keep contacting them and they no longer respond. They haven't finished the grading on that house for over a year either and any rain water, melt, etc pools into my property line causing damage to my foundation. Absolutely ridiculous and incredibly unprofessional. You basically have to file an application to courts for
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1 avis
2023, Mars 22
Went to a few doctors till I found dr. Saghr. Great doctor and knows his stuff, many friends and family are now his patience.
Camille H.
2023, Mars 12
The Pharmacists and Dr Dana really care about your needs and meet them 100% !! I would definitely reccomend this establishment to everybody. Young and Older !!
Martha N.
2023, Mars 8
Hi Everyone I'm back with a quick Review of my vist today with Doctor Michael Weiss. I was the lady that visited Natural Choice Dentures Aprox 10 Months Ago Regarding Having Everyone Teii Me I Could Not Have Hard Linning To My Lower Dentures , Doctor Weiss Proved Everyone one Wrong , I Have Had No Problems No Pain And No Discomfort, I Started To Get Headaches Went To My Doctor had A Complete Check Up Everything Was Good , As I Was Thinking What Could Be Wrong , I Thought Maybe I Should
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2 avis
2023, Février 24
What an incredible experience here! They were able to help me when no one else could. I will always come back to see the guys here. Thanks again!
1 avis
2023, Février 10
WOULD NOT RECOMMEND FOR NEURODIVERGENTS FOLKS! I had an appointment today at 3:30pm. I left my town and drove hours to go to this appointment, upon arriving at the building and driving around aimlessly for 10 minutes, I noticed there were NO BUSINESS signs for this establishment, So I very anxiously and stressfully left my vehicle to walk around this giant empty building. Looking for ANY signs or arrows. There were none. I texted the number they texted me from hoping for help. Nope
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3 avis
Hal H.
2023, Février 6
Just finished a course for Navigating Alberta OHS Legislation. John Duncan (The Instructor) was very informative and made it an easy to navigate the manual. I enjoyed the course and learned a lot. Thanks John, hope to have you in another course.
1 avis
2023, Janvier 24
Hands down the best car buying experience! I could not believe how honest the owners were when it came to me buying a truck. I was shopping for a new truck for a few months and I always saw there ads pop up and there prices were always more than fair and I ended up buying my dodge ram from Ahmed and I will for sure be doing more business with them in the future.
1 avis
2023, Janvier 16
Worst birthday experience. Very rude staff. The owner is awful lies and blames the customer. She told me they have a phone conversation of me canceling some of my order. I never have called them only email and in person communication. They never confirmed anything for the party. When asked queations I got short one word answers. They were rude over me bringing my own cale even though I asked before hand if it was ok. The cake they provided was no great so thank goodness I brought my own. The bathrooms
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2023, Janvier 12
Do not let your loved ones go to this place. Wanted to kick her out because I fought for her right to have chemo therapy infusion at her place. Refused to give me documentation regarding observations they had noticed, pain levels, behaviors, sleeping, eating habits. Refused to allow her access to her room for a hospital day pass. Left cytotoxic waste pails in her room. From August 31st - December 20th. Not even properly sealed. Found a loose pill laying on her floor. Move out inspection was
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1 avis
2023, Janvier 8
I had the unfortunate experience of working with Shounak, the principal lawyer at Juriscorp Law. Not only did he prove to be completely incompetent at his job, but he also conducted himself in a highly unprofessional manner. On numerous occasions, I witnessed him engage in inappropriate behavior with female colleagues, making lewd comments and advances towards them. It was clear that he had no respect for women and saw them as nothing more than objects for his own pleasure. In addition to his questionable
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Kamal g.
2023, Janvier 6
I really recommend Daljinder Sir as he helped me alot to buy me my Dream Home . He is very polite and helpful. I really appreciate him . I think everyone should consult him for the Mortgage .Once again I would like to thank him :)
1 avis
Lynn R.
2023, Janvier 1
Great Management and save secure building.
1 avis
Cynthia W.
2022, Décembre 23
Please do yourself a favour and look for someone else to do your work. Art's craftsmanship was not only horrendous (couldn't get the colours right, finishing - terrible) he refused to come back for touchups after days and days of coming up with excuses (car broke down, I'm injured, etc.) and ended up charging me more than he initially quoted. At the end of his work, he didn't use painters tape, which pulled off of the epoxy he just covered our sinks with to which we needed to get the painter back
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2022, Décembre 15
She was very kind! & I absolutely am in love with my hair! Very affordable and I will definitely be going back there!
2 avis
Ingrid B.
2022, Décembre 13
I was very fortunate of meeting Katherine Kubica after leaving the courtroom feeling frustrated and confused. We had a discussion on the way to our vehicles, about what I am experiencing with my divorce. I felt very comfortable with her, and she was very direct and truthful. After having our first and only mediation with my Ex and his lawyer, she was able to see the lies and deception coming from the Ex and his lawyer, and why I felt so frustrated and angry. It was a blessing I ran into this fabulous
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1 avis
Ange-Lilian, S.
2022, Décembre 9
I do firmly recommend Edge Driving school to you. If you like to go throughout your Driver certificate and license in a few time. In this school with driver such as Sir KAWALJIT, you will be able to pass easily your Class 5 Driver's license in any Registry you want to in Edmonton. He is full of tricks and experiences in defensive driving even for a novice as I was.
1 avis
Google r.
2022, Décembre 8
Be very careful of this daycare. They contacted me less than two hours after dropping off my child. stated I didn't drop My child off to which I did. I contacted Jasdeep right away via telephone there was nothing but confusionAnd lies. After that call there was few text messages. About two to three hours after those text messages i got a missed call, then a next call however had to return the call as i was at a appointment. I returned the call less than 20 mins Jaspeed sound
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Ron F.
2022, Décembre 6
If ever I have had someone work for my best interests in a matter, it was Vaughn. It was as though I was his only customer and the timeliness, efficiency, care, and thoroughness with which he handled my needs gave me options to chose from.
Karen P.
2022, Décembre 6
Thank you Dr.Lung for the excellent Emergency Surgery Service, Kingsway Dental has provided me. If not for your service you’re clinic provides l would have waited several months with infection and major pain, before the hospital system would have been able to get to me. A sincere thank you to you Dr. Lung and to your awesome staff. Karen Peyre
Shirley I.
2022, Décembre 2
Really enjoyed the group sessions for the knee replacement Physio. Suman our physiotherapist was awesome, very patient and I had no hesitations asking questions. Ladies at reception were also very friendly.
Robert F.
2022, Novembre 30
If I could give CAS South Edmonton a negative star, I would rate them with a negative star. I bought a Bosch dishwasher from CAS at 3803 Calgary Trail, Edmonton from Atri Desai (sales person). I paid $2,049.00 for the machine and Atri said CAS would use their contractor, JUST DONE, to deliver and install the machine. The machine arrived with a dented door. I called Atri to say the new machine arrived damaged and asked him to come pick it up and replace it with an undamaged machine. He said he couldn't
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Tom J.
2022, Novembre 30
Had severe shoulder pain for quite some time until Dr. Lyddell saw me, he figured out very quickly what issue was and after his ultrasound guided injection and now I am doing great.
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