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Temi T.
2023, Décembre 5
Tony Osarenkhoe: Do NOT let the charm and smiles fool you—It is all a mask!
Erin W.
2023, Novembre 24
had a terrible experience with Dr. Elhaj Emhmed Sufrani. I am a cancer survivor and have been chronically ill with mysterious symptoms ever since finishing my treatment, and have never been able to return to work full time since, and in the last few years I have found myself too sick too work at all. When I came to get a medical note stating I cannot work due to disability this “doctor” asked me if I’ve seen a psychiatrist, essentially accusing of lying that I am too unwell to work. When I told
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1 avis
2023, Novembre 23
We have been getting orthodontic treatments with Pure Orthodontics for the past 8 year and here we are now: Eight years ago Pure Orthodontics had great reviews, but now I wonder how accurate they were. However, after reading that reviews, I took my 7-year old son to Pure Orthodontics whose owner is this doctor. My son was started with Phase 1 there to treat his under-bite. Then, he got braces before he turned 8, and wore them for a few years. When Pure Orthodontics removed his braces and said his
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2023, October 31
Love coming here for my nails! Very comfortable place with massage chairs while you get a pedicure. The ladies are always very careful and meticulous with their work. Really clean too!
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Wayne W.
2023, October 12
Best Mechanic I have ever had. Honest and reliable. Very reasonable prices. Very passionate about cars. He only fixes the issues with no upsale. It is hard to find a mechanic that you can trust. I trust him completely. I have used them a few times over the past 6 years and have found him to go way above and beyond to make you happy. I am sure, like myself, once you use him, you will never search for another mechanic again. I find them to be very honest and reasonable. I have never been disappointed
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2023, Septembre 7
Haven't seen the owner. Not sure if he is out fashion.🤣 but very happy with the bag.
2 avis
Kevin S.
2023, Août 24
We are in an evacuated area and running emergency essential services and our photocopier died. After 2 days of tryingn to get thru to xerox we gave up and just called the first name that came up that looked after xerox and it was Segue Systems. One email and they were on it for us and had us the part we needed and helped to arrange shipping to ensure we got it as quick as possible. Excellent service. Recommend them to anyone. Thank you Amy Hayward
1 avis
2023, Août 12
They are now owned by home ed , not a very reputable company . Your maintence calls will go unanswered for weeks . Staff are rude , obnoxious and will yell and scream at you if you disagree with them . Keep an eye on your bank withdrawals when rent comes out . Really read the fine print of the lease . Canadian urban was the best company for that apartment
1 avis
Erwin H.
2023, Juillet 12
The office staff are extremely incompetent. Twice they have completely missed my in advance eye exam scheduled appointment. Very amateurish and inept.
1 avis
2023, Juin 6
Charged twice of what the estimate would have been. The entire bill is a rip off. Tasks that supposed to take 5 minutes, charged for 30 etc … Also, have you ever seen $600 charge for removal of a few primitive soap dispensers? Stay away from this company, we will never use them again! They also lost a huge opportunity with biggest residential management company because of their greed and unprofessional behaviour.
5 avis
2023, Juin 1
Commenter We had a patio stone made by TN-Landscaping during the summer of 2022, and we couldn't regret it more. They didn't understand our needs because of language barriers, and after we made sure to explain what we wanted, they weren't honest with us, and the ground under the stairs sank, and on their mistake, we had to pay 1000$ to have it repaired. The ground is still uneven and sinking in some areas, so I wouldn't recommend them... a waste of money. We'll probably have to destroy it all and
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1 avis
2023, Peut 31
There's a new experience cute mature Thai Lady who gave a surprising good massage. She made me feel comfortable, yes I had lower back butt and inner upper Thigh pain. The pain and stress were gone after she concentrated on those areas.
1 avis
John a.
2023, Peut 24
We’ve been storing our fifth wheel trailer with Alberta toy since January 2022. We bought it new and wanted to protect it. It’s a premium that we’re willing to pay for the security and protection of our investment. We’re very happy with the service and management. We highly recommend Alberta toy for anyone needing to store recreational or high valued vehicles.
Era D.
2023, Peut 19
BAD ATTITUDE AND VERY UNPROFESSIONAL DOCTOR. I went to the clinic today for a check up and Dr Alarape confronted me and gave me attitude because of my husband’s feedback from last year about the long wait time in his clinic everytime we had appointment. You can’t blame your patients if they get frustrated about the wait time in your clinic. If it only happen once or twice maybe we can understand it but if it happens on every appointment thats not acceptable anymore. You don't respect your client’s
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1 avis
2023, Avril 18
No Stars Here. Husband was at home depot (westmount) when a tire was slashed in the parking lot. I called there service and they quoted me on the phone a RATE FROM WESTMOUNT TO CANADIAN TIRE AT KINGSWAY $110. When I told them we had a tire slashed in the parking lot he laughed at me.BOOKED THEM anyway AND THEY DID COME WITHIN 1/2 HR. We decided to take it to the ok tire 4 blocks away SO WHILE THE DRIVER WAS HOOKING UP ARE VEHICLE I CALLED THERE OFFICE BACK AS DRIVER SAID HE COULD NOT DO ANYTHING
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2023, Avril 14
I recently ordered a wig for the first time from wigs etc and was so pleased to speak to the owner regarding questions I had about the wig I saw on the web site. She answered my questions by email and phone within minutes!! My wig arrived within four days and is exactly what I wanted!! This is my go to web site to order wigs! Reliable, prompt and accurate plus amazing friendly service!! Dianne is amazing!
2023, Avril 13
Just moved to the area and needed to arrange for some tests and procedures. Thought I would give them a try. Found support staff very nice, supportive and helpful. However the doctor I saw is another story. Found Dr. Fadel Eledrisi to be rude, demeaning and condescending. Talked to me like I was a idiot. Told me he could arrange everything but would not do any follow ups as I needed a family doctor, which is impossible to find in Edmonton, AB. Will never go there again.
1 avis
2023, Avril 1
Where should I start? I had the most horrible experience with this business, from not responding, to charging me for credit check, not providing answers after contacting them repeatedly, and when they do answer, it is very cold. Absolutely horrible customer service. They say what they don't do, and they do what they don't say. Finally, I paid them deposit, signed the application, get confirmation that I can go get the key. Went there, said come the next day. When I told them you are tossing me
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Carrielynn L.
2023, Mars 30
Dr. Hanna is amazing. From the first visit to now, he has been the best I have ever had, especially in getting back to me with test results and getting referrals for specialists. I am very grateful that he patiently listens to me and gives me time to ask for clarification on things I don't understand. He is very kind and professional and makes time to go through all my concerns regardless of how busy he is. The staff at Wolf Willow clinic are great too. They listen and are very helpful. They
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Qazi S.
2023, Mars 28
It was a wonderful experience of filing tax returns for 2022 for me and my family. The staff is very friendly, courteous. I am extremely satisfied by the exemplary display of professionalism and positive attitude. I will highly recommend you to visit and experience the services for filing your tax returns with CRA.
2 avis
Amber W.
2023, Mars 23
This company destroyed my fence in the process of building a duplex next door. Johnny said they'd have someone come take a look and fix it but nothing has happened for over a year. I keep contacting them and they no longer respond. They haven't finished the grading on that house for over a year either and any rain water, melt, etc pools into my property line causing damage to my foundation. Absolutely ridiculous and incredibly unprofessional. You basically have to file an application to courts for
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2023, Mars 22
Went to a few doctors till I found dr. Saghr. Great doctor and knows his stuff, many friends and family are now his patience.
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