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dans Toronto
Recent reviews
1 avis
Larry D.
2023, Septembre 23
bought glass dining table, within few months table became unglued from round circle metal clips, seller would not even respond to messaging. Table is garbage.
2 avis
2023, Septembre 22
Worst lawyer EVER. Does not know any laws. Stay MILES away!!! (Hi Admin, Mistakenly gave her 4 stars, please adjust it to 1 star. Thanks)
6 avis
2023, Septembre 19
Avantages Choosing to work with Clinivex means partnering with a company that values expertise, customization, quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction. Their comprehensive approach and dedication to excellence make them a trusted and dependable partner in achieving your goals. Commenter Clinivex boasts a team of seasoned professionals who are experts in their respective fields. Their years of experience and in-depth knowledge ensure that you are working with industry leaders who understand
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David M.
2023, Septembre 14
A truly wonderful experience! Impeccable service that was both efficient, friendly and reasonably priced. The work done on my watch was done with expertise while I waited a very brief time. And the work was guaranteed for a year. What more could a person want!
Sandra M.
2023, Septembre 14
I enrolled my boys in both Reading and Math at this location and we have been with them for many years. Very pleased with Robert and his team who have helped my boys develop skills to achieve success in school. My youngest who recently graduated with Honours is now in grade 9 and all the years at KUMON certainly helped him get there!
homeira a.
2023, Septembre 11
I would like to thank the famous airline office, especially Ms. Ziba, for the courtesy and patience they showed in finding the right ticket for my parents and I suggest everyone to go to them to get tickets.
1 avis
Gianfranco B.
2023, Septembre 5
For the past 3 years, I have been dealing with Lower Back Pain. One morning, 3 years ago I could not lift my body out of bed as a result of a sharp pain and a stiff painful lower back. Sought help, advice, and treatment from a recommended local manual therapy chiropractor. Following physical and X-ray assessments I learned that my condition was the result of a natural disk deterioration of the spine. I proceeded with adjustment treatments as advised by the doctor. I was pleased with the adjustments
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1 avis
Avi W.
2023, Août 20
DUNDAS SQUARE BARBER IS LIKE A BOX CHOCOLATES "YOU NEVER NO WHATCHA GONNA GET" DO NOT GO HERE! The barber literally butchered my hair. It's like a box of chocolates here, despite the all the Five Star Reviews.
2 avis
Jim A.
2023, Août 19
I want to share my moving story with this company. We have booked a date of August 12, 2023. The movers were 30 minutes late, but the driver warned us about it, so everything was OK. The move itself was generally on the level and in 5 hours the movers did their job. The owner asked to evaluate their work and leave an objective review.
1 avis
2023, Août 14
If we could give Ledesma a zero rating we would!! They did dreadful work and were absolutely horrible to our neighbours. They noise from the concrete saws were going 2 hours after 7 pm. The staff parked anywhere they wanted...on the wrong side and blocking driveways. The owner came to oversee and would leave his vehicle blocking traffic and our next driveway. We were away for the after hours noise and we had to apologize to our neighbours. We came back to many angry and frustrated neighbours
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Stephen C.
2023, Août 14
In October 2022, I hired Kal, Owner/Manager, to install a premium/expensive iron fence on 4x4 posts for 2 properties in the Beaches with a term of 4 - 6 weeks. This was a nightmare as Kal was unprofessional, unaccountable, and unapologetic, and now we have an unfinished/damaged fence, resulting from his poor workmanship and installation. Kal was to supply me with 4x4 galvanized/powder coated posts, and when I asked what time they would arrive the next day (as scheduled), he said he needed 2 more
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Mehrdad M.
2023, Août 10
Avantages The staff was highly professional, polite, and friendly. I greatly appreciate everyone's efforts, especially Ms. Mina, who handled my transaction with kindness and precision.
Lita S.
2023, Août 3
The xray technician treated me, a 85 year old, in an uncaring and uncompassionate way when I had xray today. Never said a word on what she will do and did rough procedure for the xray. Never visit this clinic again. Very unprofessional.
2023, Août 2
A Dreadful Experience with Mano Security Guard Company: Unreliable and Untrustworthy As an employee at Shabri Security Services, I can confidently say that this has been the most appalling and disheartening work experience of my life. This so-called "security" company fails miserably on every front, leaving its employees in a state of constant frustration and financial hardship. One of the most glaring issues with Shabri Security Services is its complete disregard for its employees' well-being
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Jessica M.
2023, Juillet 26
As a pet parent to two dogs, finding the right food and supplies is crucial. In downtown Toronto, Pet Mama has been a game-changer for us. Their selection of pet food is second to none, offering a variety of high-quality, organic, and locally sourced products that my dogs love. The staff at Pet Mama are always friendly and knowledgeable. They've been instrumental in helping me choose the right food and products for my dogs, always considering their individual needs and preferences. Their recommendations
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1 avis
Candise B.
2023, Juillet 18
I had the pleasure of interacting with Sunny and ended up selling my vehicle to him. He was extremely responsive, clear and did not try to give me a low-ball offer. He was very professional and delivered exactly what he promised. I would greatly recommend him to my family and friends looking to sell their vehicle. Thank you very much Sunny.
Almond B.
2023, Juillet 13
Prompt and Courteous service by staff. Special thank you to Nancy Ho
2 avis
Peter S.
2023, Juillet 13
I took my Harley Softtail Deuce in for an oil change on Saturday. Mark and his staff are outstanding, when it comes to bikes it's all about the details. No appointment is necessary on a first come first serve basis, I had 4 bikes in front of me and I was in and out in less than 2 hours, having changed all three, hydraulic, transmission and oil this exceeded my expectations. I recommend Cycle World for all things motorcycles.
1 avis
Aadam S.
2023, Juillet 13
I was facing technical issues with Sage tool, then I make a call to Sage Support Number, they promptly respond to my queries and resolved it instantly. I am overwhelmed with the support services of Sage.
Doug M.
2023, Juillet 7
We switched to TD Private Wealth and it has been short of a disaster to date. Limited advice. Stocks are sold to pay for high fees. We asked for options to a suggested portfolio and all we got was recommendations to TD managed portfolios. Highly recommend you stay away.
Rayna L.
2023, Juillet 7
From the minute one walks into your Clinic, one feels welcome. The receptionist is truly helpful and makes one feel comfortable. The rooms are spotlessly clean. The Physiotherapist was caring and the Physio lady who attended to me was gentle, caring and explained everything she was doing. I would truly recommend coming to this Clinic. I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ .
2023, Juillet 4
Not one to take time to make a review but we had received very poor customer service and it should be known. We felt very disappointed and will not be going back again. We were not provided enough time to allow us to set up for our party. Our party was to start at 4:30 but the party before us were only leaving the facility between 4-415. While we were told he needs time to sanitize, 15 minutes is not enough to sanitize every ride, slide, floor, table and/sofa. We have friends and family who
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anne e.
2023, Juillet 1
Be forewarned about his questionable business practices. He is a cunning salesperson and is clever enough to wriggle his way out of issues.... Here are the facts relating to our experience with "Max" and Aire Max: Fact: We hired “Max” and his company to replace our 20+ year old furnace and A/C. Fact: Max represented that the unit we purchased (Lennox) came with a 10-year manufacturer’s parts warranty. Fact: We paid more than $5500 for the unit. Fact: The unit ceased operating (leaking)
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2023, Juin 29
周校长教学非常注重细节,也是细节决定成败!👍 Jenny美女教练风吹日晒、不辞辛苦地耐心教学指导,收获满满!👍 感恩、感谢遇到了八达驾校!
Alan F.
2023, Juin 29
I met with Ella about a week ago in the Bennett Centre for student services. It was about returning as a graduate student. She was very helpful, polite, patient, with a good sense of humour.
2023, Juin 26
If I could them a 0 I would. Please read their reviews, check out their complaints on the Better Business Bureau, and so many review sites. Don't buy anything from them, they are, liars, cheaters and they will sell you something broken and won't repair it. For 2 1/2 years I have fought with them over a refrigerator in purchased. The 1st one they gave me was broken, after a lot of BS, they replaced it with a totally different one, and it also didn't work. Many many months later they again replaced
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3 avis
Sarah B.
2023, Juin 20
Good price ! Good service !
2023, Juin 19
Best hala meat store beast service best meat JazakAllah for serving Muslim community with best customer service
1 avis
Rajesh R.
2023, Juin 14
I had a terrible experience at Evolucao Thai MMA Toronto. The martial art skills of the trainers were subpar, and the owner, Mauricio Amada, demonstrated a clear lack of intelligence. Furthermore, I found the behavior of instructors Alex Sosa and John Cunningham to be creepy and bizarre, which made me extremely uncomfortable during training. The atmosphere was just terrible, and I would not recommend this gym to anyone. Save yourself the trouble and find a different place to train. First of all
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jeffrey c.
2023, Juin 8
After being let down by a previous roofer i selected Farid " Proof Roofing who was working in my area .Farid gave me a better price whilst also giving me better quality materials .I chose Farid "Proof roofing"" as he was a smaller company and would be on the job site himself working and instructing his superb crew. Farid went above above and beyond ,spending several hours removing old shingles that were practically glued to my roof at no extra charge to me . Farid was professional ,conscientious
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2 avis
2023, Juin 2
I was involved in a car accident and got Ciraku Law to represent me. Mr. Ciraku was very professional and helpful throughout the process. He always kept me informed and prepared for the next step. I am thankful to him and his team for educating me and making sure I wasn't too frustrated by the litigation process. We received proper compensation for our injuries thanks to his work.
jianyun g.
2023, Peut 29
Fred R.
2023, Peut 27
Jason is fantastic punctual on time honest hard worker, if you need brick work repaired like i did look no further then Jason you will be so happy as i am hes the greatest person i,m so happy with his work
Amol B.
2023, Peut 27
Avantages Instructor Aziz was very helpful. I and my family learned so much from him. I highly recommend him for safety classes and encourage all Canadians to get educated about gun safety, gun laws and foul politics affecting law abiding gun owners and their families.
2 avis
Nigel C.
2023, Peut 21
Poor communication from the start about what would be delivered and when. When the owner was approached, he was rude and not at all interested in resolving the issues. Would not recommend.
2023, Peut 18
I've had several treatments for bugs, the whole building is infested. My upstairs neighbour in 602 plays loud offensive bass music 24 hours a day - so loud even when I put my TV volume at the highest level I can still hear and feel the crap music. I've called the police, I've made complaints with the council department, I've contacted this management daily for over a year with video evidence. Nothing. They even followed me to my apartment and stood outside my car. Told management the time and date
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1 avis
Pranita D.
2023, Peut 14
Perfect place for dental work. Super Clean,friendly staff and a excellent service. Recommended
Michael D.
2023, Peut 5
I cannot recommend Canturk highly enough. They are very professional and do what they commit to do, on time and on budget. Veli Kayalica is a pleasure to deal with, extremely knowledgeable and highly customer focused. I have used them several times and will continue to do so should the need arise.
1 avis
Paul R.
2023, Peut 4
Alaha Bakhtari and Preston Pierce were professional, efficient and helpful.
2 avis
Betty A.
2023, Peut 2
you wont be getting away with this....
Barbara T.
2023, Peut 1
Last Sunday I attended the 11oclock service at Mount Dennis Baptist church . They were welcoming the new minister Pastor Dennis Johnson. I would recommend if you are living in and around the Mount Dennis area stop by on a Sunday morning i am sure you will be blessed. The congregation is warm, friendly , and welcoming 🙏
1 avis
2023, Avril 29
Highly skilled teacher
2023, Avril 19
Good job! I was given the concept once I first contacted them that I did not want to test into it any further. They have been affected person and attempted to provide an explanation for what became happening.
Diane W.
2023, Avril 16
I will never go back to Dr Rachel Ruppel for I do not think she has a suitable bedside manner. I came to the Kingsway Dermatology for a complete skin check as I was referred by my family doctor. After quickly looking my naked body over as I stood with only my panties on, she then focused on my face and without telling me what she was about to do or why, she grabbed a spray bottle and started spraying my face. I was shocked and confused with the aggressive manner and neither had I had any skin
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4 avis
2023, Avril 15
I have ordered a Cartier sunglasses, paid $1565 i was told to by customer service that they will require signature upon receiving the package. I never received the package, when I contacted the customer service they told me someone else received them.online shopping at Cartier is scamming a customers. I never got sunglasses and never got money back. Do not ever shop with Cartier.Horrible customer experience. Yasir H
1 avis
Wil V.
2023, Avril 12
My family and I are very thankful from the Dental care & service that we experienced at Brilliant Dentistry, from the receptionist, the admin, the assistants the hygienists, and the Dentist they are all connected in giving their best in providing 100% patients care and customer satisfaction. On top of that we don’t need to deal with insurance claims, they do everything. The facilities are well equipped with modern technologies and the place are super clean and beautiful like we are in the hotel
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1 avis
Sterling G.
2023, Avril 10
I’ve been a client for over 20 years now and not once have they let me down with service or obtaining a product. I thought the Pandemic knocked them out like so many other shops… but they came back slugging! Long Live The Chain Saw Clinic!!!
vikas n.
2023, Avril 8
The engineer was very efficient in his job. He did his plumbing job very diligently. He was very professioal. I would always recommend four parks plumbing and drain for any sort of plumbing jobs.
Ines L.
2023, Avril 1
Very professional !
Peter H.
2023, Mars 29
Wonderful and very quick service for a series of repairs / replacements to lighting, electrical connections, broken faucet, completed in a single day. And the quietest workers we've ever had, a pleasure to have in the house.
2023, Mars 25
Very unprofessional lady. She is very rude. She was not even ready to listen my needs. I told her not to use plucker instead use thread but still she was arguing me. She called me aggressive just because I told her that I noticed few hair on my upper lips. She don't have manners how to talk with customers. Highly disappointed with her attitude.
1 avis
Gurinder d.
2023, Mars 21
Hi every one so these on guys are best on buying on homes and on selling on homes and on getting on the job on done on time and best on recommend team and is the best on people for the houses and on the best on team to the on the job on done on right day and time of the day and on every on day as well so thanks on every one so this is on the best on recommend on team so thanks on every one so thanks once again every one
Jess, M.
2023, Mars 18
From Jess,Marilynn and Jim Kalman Trevor assisted us in finding a condo in the downtown core. His knowledge, comments, and support in completing our purchase was extremely helpful. He was always there to show us properties and assisted with picking a solid area and the right square footage all at the appropriate price. In short we would have been truly hampered in our purchase without his assistance. We thank you Trevor and wanted to let you know we all appreciated your help.
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